A Better Day LLP Counseling Services

Is Therapy for Me?

Our therapists are available to assist with any of the following...

  • Loss of interest in regular activities.
  • A significant change in eating habits.
  • Difficulty sleeping or waking frequently.
  • Prolonged sadness from a life event that persists more than three months.
  • Deep sadness that prevents you from daily activities.
  • Feeling worried or anxious.
  • Finding it difficult to focus at work or school.
  • Having difficulty with a relationship or friendship.
  • Wanting to accomplish something, but finding it difficult to follow through.
  • Feeling alone, like no one understands you.
  • Avoiding persons or places you used to frequent.
  • Collecting items that you have no purpose for keeping.
  • Wanting to change something in my life but not knowing where or how to start.

AND...an interest in working with someone to help find a solution.